Alexa for your car – “Hey Alexa, please navigate me home!”

Alexa for your car – “Hey Alexa, please navigate me home!”

Being able to concentrate fully on the road while driving and no longer having to operate the navigation system, the telephone or the radio with your hands is much more sensible not only for safety reasons, but also much less stressful.
With the voice control, you can send messages while on the road, make appointments, write the shopping list or even order the food for your home.So the voice control makes the complete car journey easier.

Which Alexa Skills are a Must-have?

Of course, there are some Alexa skills in the Amazon shop, which have already established themselves and are used by many users. Some of these are really useful and others are just super funny. Even some car manufacturers, such as Mercedes or BMW, already offer their skills. This can be used, for example, to check the fuel level, close the car or activate the air conditioning. 

Otherwise, here are the hottest car skills in the Amazon Shop: 

Jeder Tropfen: The “Jeder Tropfen” skill makes it easy to compare the fuel prices of your favorite gas stations. So you never spend a dime too much! 

Fahrtenbuch: Your logbook for Alexa. Just start driving the logbook and Alexa will adjust for you. The data will then be sent by e-mail.

Parking Check:
Are parking spaces available near the train station? Yes! With the parking skill always know where to park.

How can I upgrade Alexa?

As a trial and in the planning of Amazon is currently Echo Auto. Echo Auto has eight microphones and is connected to the radio or a smartphone. At the moment you can not buy it in Germany yet and install it in your car, but this will surely come in the near future. Which alternatives are currently available in Germany?

Logitech Zero Touch

Is an intelligent smartphone holder for your car, which works in combination with a special Android app. Hereby, the holder and the smartphone automatically connect via Bluetooth when touched. Now you can start by covering the sensor, which sits above the display, the Zero Touch App and it can voice commands.


Anker Roav Viva

Is a small plug for your cigarette lighter, which brings you Alexa in your car. To start, you need the Roav-Viva App App for IOS or Android and the connection to an Amazon account. Subsequently, the smartphone couples with the Viva adapter. Now Roav Viva can call, navigate and access all the usual Alexa skills. The Tom comes from the phone, but can also be played via Bluetooth or Aux on the system of the car.


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