Alexa Skills growth rate declines worldwide

Alexa Skills growth rate declines worldwide

After more and more skills have been launched in less time in recent years, the rate of new skills has dropped significantly in 2019. Of course, the total number of skills is still increasing.

In the first half of 2019, only 36 new skills per day were launched in the US. This number was significantly higher in 2017 (46 skills per day) and 2018 (57 skills per day).

This clearly shows that fewer skills are being launched on the market. This trend is not absolutely bad for voice, it might indicate a slight shift in mindset.
Tom Mayr, CEO of Voicehub, says the following:
“I think there are several factors that have resulted in the rate flattening. First of all, the Alexa hype is slowly diminishing, which was especially big in 2016 and 2017. Here everything was still new and everyone wanted to try something out. That has been lost in the meantime. Furthermore, people may have noticed that there are still no or not many really strong voice apps on the market and see too little success in voice. The main point I see, however, is that people may be working on more complex and larger applications that provide real value.
That’s why you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on quantity, instead, you should see if the voice apps that are released are of better quality.

And then that would be a win-win situation for all of us!”


Not only in the USA

This trend can be observed not only in the USA. In many other countries, the rate has also fallen as well. Above all, the poor monetization opportunities are taken here as the reason why growth declined a little.
Gene Munster from Loup Ventures: We’re still waiting for a compelling developer monetization path to emerge around voice. In the meantime, developers are spending their time on mobile. Once we get a voice unicorn, which is a function of time, developers will race back in.”
And Brandon Kaplan, CEO of Skilled Creative, has a similar view:
“Many early adopters may be finding that the revenue generated is smaller than they initially expected, and that has resulted in people shifting focus back to otherchannels. That will shift [back] over time, as In-Skill Purchasing (ISP) and other means of revenue grow.”

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