Buying Tickets via voice assistant – Ticketmaster

Buying Tickets via voice assistant – Ticketmaster

„Ticketmaster has the largest ticket inventory in the world, and our team is always looking to leverage it along with our open platform to reach new fans. This new integration with Alexa will offer yet another avenue for fans to access the best live events, allowing them to discover and buy tickets using only their voice. We’re excited to be working with Amazon Alexa and look forward to seeing fans utilizing it to see the artists, teams, and events they love the most.“ – Dan Armstrong

Ticketmaster announces the development of an application for Alexa that allows you to search for tickets and also order them directly by voice. At the beginning you can search for the event by the event name, a location, the artist name or the date. So the user can, for example, with commands like „Search concerts in Chicago!“ or „Are there concerts on Wednesday?“ looking for the right event.

What potential does selling tickets have via voice assistants?

Ticket sales via voice have a huge potential and can be a great opportunity for artists, clubs and ticket portals to deal with this topic at this early stage and lay the foundations for successful voice marketing. At the moment it is true that the purchase via voice assistants by many is not yet used regularly and many do not have enough confidence in this process, but especially in the connection with the search for information on events, as with Ticketmaster, has the whole thing a big potential. Because to inform about products or events the voice assistant is already used very often (eleventh most popular use-case).
Once you have searched for a product and found it through the application, the step to buy this product is not further away.


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