Case Study JustWatch – Ask Alexa which Streaming Service has a Movie or Show

Case Study JustWatch – Ask Alexa which Streaming Service has a Movie or Show

Directly to the JustWatch Skill

You want to spend a relaxing evening on the couch with your favorite movie or show, but you do not know whether it is on any of your streaming providers and you are too lazy to open them up and search all of them. No problem!

Because now your Alexa can give you the right answer. With the JustWatch skill, Alexa always knows exactly which movies and shows are available on every streaming provider.

How do I set up the skill?

At the beginning, you’ll go through a small set-up where you will set up your favorite streaming services and your location. This way, the skill can give you the exact information as to whether the content is available on one of your favorite streaming services or whether you would have to rent or buy it at some other place, if you really want to watch it.

Which commands are available?

You have two different ways to ask the skill. Either you start it normally and it will ask you or you start with a direct request and skip the query.

  • Normal launch: „Hey Alexa, start JustWatch“ -> „Welcome to JustWatch, what do you want to watch?“ -> „Jurassic Park“
  • Direct request: „Hey Alexa, ask JustWatch where I can watch Suits?“

As a result, JustWatch will name you the streaming providers it is available on, recommend you a new provider or, unfortunately, tell you that the movie or show is nowhere to be streamed.

Development and support

Development, support and optimization of the skill are completely covered by Voicehub. By adding the skills to the Voicehub platform, the content of the skill can be easily changed and adapted to different target groups.
So in the future, for example, fans of the Marvel series can be presented a new Iron Man part. Information from Voicehub Analytics lets you filter out trends which then can used to create tailored content which can be played out to the exact target group.
In the long term, the main purpose of analytics is to improve the functionality of the skill and to design the best user experience.

The company Just Watch

Just Watch is the search engine for streaming services. The start-up with offices in Berlin and Los Angeles is active in 32 countries and more than 120 streaming services are now represented on the platform. According to their own data, JustWatch already has 100 million user profiles worldwide.

With the Alexa Skill, JustWatch is now entering the world of Voice-Marketing.

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