Voice Commerce – Purchasing via smart speaker

Voice Commerce – Purchasing via smart speaker

Why get out the smartphone to make an order on Amazon, if there is also a more convenient, faster and easier way of ordering. The voice! Digital voice assistants are becoming more and more popular as they understand and interpret our voice commands better and better. So more and more purchases are made through those voice assistants.

For example, 14% of Germans use a voice assistant on a daily basis and about 19% use it several days a week. Although many of the users are more likely to use their voice assistants for other things, such as music, scheduling or search queries, however our talking friends are already being used diligently in online shopping. So already 20% of all users of voice assistants have already bought something and one quarter have ever ordered food or a taxi through his personal assistant. Just under 25% of all users even prefer shopping with the assistant to purchasing via a website.

How does shopping about Alexa and Google Home work?

I can already sell physical goods and premium content via Alexa. By integrating Amazon Pay into the Alexa skill, customers can easily complete purchases by voice.
For this, the customer only has to activate the voice purchase in the Alexa app and use Amazon pay as payment method. So he can then order any physical goods or services such as tickets, flowers or pizza over the skill.

In order to introduce premium content into a skill and have it paid for by the customer, there is the so-called in-skill purchasing. Premium content can be, for example, advanced game features or interactive story content, which the user must buy in addition, so that the story goes on.In the skill I can ultimately incorporate three different types of premium content:

  • One-time purchase: A one-time payment for additional features or content. Once unlocked, the contents remain unlocked.
  • Consumables: Content that you always have to unlock, such as extra life in games or tips. These have to be paid again and again.
  • Subscriptions: A payment on a monthly basis, for example, in order to be able to use premium content permanently.

Even with Google, it is possible to do orders via the voice assistant. Since Google does not operate like its own “department store” like Amazon, one can only shop at companies that participate in Google Express. These include, for example, Walmart, Best Buy, Costco or Target. The orders can then be managed and canceled in the Google Home app.
Currently, this is only possible in the US and it is not sure when Google Express will come to Germany.

Domino’s pizza as an example of voice commerce

The skill of Domino’s Pizza makes it easy to order your favorite pizza. But first you have to set your

favorites. Thereafter, Domino’s skill responds to requests such as:

“Alexa, order a pizza from Dominos”

“Alexa, say Domino’s I want to order my favorite”


Source: Voicebot.ai


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