Which are the 9 most important qualities of a voice assistant?

Which are the 9 most important qualities of a voice assistant?

What does the voice assistant have to do and what should be improved? For this question, the users have clear opinions and these can be used to improve the handling of voice assistants.

1st place 

In the first place, more than half of the users see that understanding their statements is very important. For the moment, it’s often the case that smart assistants do not immediately understand many words or misinterpret words. So the term “floor” quickly becomes “door” and so on. While understanding without background noise already works well, as soon as a TV is on, the voice assistant becomes a person with mild hearing loss.

2nd place  

The responsiveness to questions and statements of the user is of course not yet like a real conversation. This is because the voice assistant also can not know if a statement or question is already over or if the user will continue to talk. Accordingly, it is currently not possible to have a normal conversation.

3rd place

Except for people who do not want to use a voice assistant, third place is still in the opinion of a third of respondents. These are of course the functions of a voice assistant. So the respondents are lacking functions that really can offer them added value. This may be because they have not found the right one yet and have not tried everything yet. But most of all it’s because many of the previous applications were still very easily developed without much content and the way is only now moving towards more complex applications, which can be managed by the right backend systems. With more complex applications, the possibilities of assistants will also improve and more users will benefit from you.

The following places are mainly occupied by functions of voice assistants. This can be interesting games, the appropriate entertainment or use in the vehicle, which of course influence the opinion of the user.Above all the suitable music streaming services are very important for users, as listening to music is also one of the most widely used applications of the users.



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